Written For YST MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION BLOG For our first Mindful Tool, I’d like to introduce the “Mind Jar” or “Calm Down Jar.” — The jar represents the mind; the glitter represents thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. When we shake it up this represents when we are overwhelmed, stressed, upset, and/or overly excited to the […]

Written with Evenflow By definition, anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry or nervousness about something with an uncertain outcome or an imminent event and involves both psychological and physical symptoms. These symptoms differ significantly from one person to another according to the type and degree of the seeming threat.  But not all anxiety is […]

Written for GOOD NEWS NETWORK Anxiety can feel like a runaway train – and when it’s coming, we often tell ourselves a story; we over identify with what’s happening; and unfortunately, this only serves to intensify the speed of the train, rather than slow it down. Read the Full Article here.

Written for SHE KNOWS Don’t forget that “no” is a complete sentence. “Saying yes when you want to say no is a setup for added stress,” says Ashley Graber, curriculum co-director at Evenflow. Family, friends and coworkers ask a lot of you this time of year. Graber reminds us to use this as an opportunity […]

Written for YALE STREET THERAPY We all make mistakes and often they involve hurting another person. This is part of life – from the time we are born until they day we die, making mistakes will be a part of our life, so what do we do if we hurt someone’s feelings? There’s no shame […]

Written for MIND BODY GREEN I’ve been studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness for 10 years. I’ve taken courses, read articles, and practiced for countless hours. Over these years, I’ve discovered there are a lot of sources for meditation guidance out there, but some are better than others. Having done the legwork, I can share […]

Written For BuzzFeed Los Angeles, the birthplace of cutting edge health and wellness trends. Perhaps it’s the the sunshine (because it certainly isn’t the air quality) that inspires these wellness experts to thrive. Read the full article here.

Written For GOOP Being estranged from family can be really difficult. And even when, remarkably, it is not as difficult—when we know our boundaries, have made our choices, and have formed our chosen families—we come up against the narrow cultural expectations that bubble up around, say, holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day. We asked Santa Monica–based […]

Written For GOOP There is no one way to be a parent. The very nature of family is that it is as individual as DNA and as unique as a fingerprint. And despite the fact that blended families are increasingly common, we don’t talk much about stepparenting beyond narrow archetypes and cautionary fairy tales. But […]

Written for GOOP Family therapist Ashley Graber is here to tell parents this: It’s okay to relax the reins—for now. Creating a positive space at home for everybody, says Graber, begins with lessening the pressure on ourselves and our children. “There’s a sense that we need to have it all figured out right now, and we just […]