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Whether you are struggling with something with your child, looking for new ways to parent, or want to do some self-exploration, you’ve come to the right place. We will work together to identify the best kind of support to help you reach your goals.

Growing up can be challenging, and I'm here to help. You may be noticing your child talking negatively about themselves and exhibiting low self-esteem or maybe they worry a lot, have big emotions, or don't sleep well. Kids go through so many challenges and changes throughout their developmental years. I'm here to help you make sense of what's going on and have a road map of how to help your child. 

individual therapy and coaching for children

children & adolescents

Life as a parent can be confusing. Meeting all of your needs as well as those of an additional little human (let alone a few!) is no small feat. Add in sorting through all the opinions of everyone who chooses to impart them upon you, and it's no wonder parents today are so overwhelmed! I am here to support you through your parenting challenges, and help you to confidently find your way to the other side with your child and family. 

parent coaching & individual therapy for parents


If you are experiencing something that you need support with, I see you. I'll hear you out, and help you find your way through. Most importantly, I'll give you the space you need to explore and untangle whatever you might be feeling. I'll help you develop concrete tools to help with stress, so that you can feel better in any situation.

extra support for whatever you are navigating

Individual Therapy

Don't you wish you had a tool to deal with your kid's, your boss's, or even your own tantrums? When you know you need to chill, but feel like you just can't, Mindfulness is usually a great place to start. These tools will help you (or your child!) become more aware of your reactions and better able to manage all the things that stress you out. 

the key to replacing stress with calm


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I offer various groups throughout the year, so that you or your child can spend time learning alongside other parents or children who are having a similar experience. People who just get it. Plus me, to guide the group to learn new skills and find healing together.

support and education alongside other kiddos and mom-friends

group Therapy