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Starting preschool is a big adjustment for moms and little ones alike. We’ll work through all the challenges that come with this transition together, learning real skills for self care and mindful tools for recurring sickness stress. We’ll even talk through navigating routines and parenting on the same page! You’ll have an opportunity to create connection and community with other women who deeply understand, and walk away with tips for taming toddler tantrums and managing meltdowns (theirs and yours).

self-caring our way through the preschool plague

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Your little one is navigating big feelings about relationships, body image, stress, and self-esteem. Let's help them learn tools to manage their experiences, and what better way to learn them than outside alongside some new pals?

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Families today find themselves in uncharted waters, facing pressure from all sides. Juggling the grownups’ careers as well as the kiddos’ schoolwork and extracurricular activities alongside meeting everybody’s needs. Add all of the information, access, and expectations we have today, and it’s clear why this balancing act is just… overwhelming!

After learning the fundamentals of Mindfulness, your family will walk away with practical skills and tools to keep the overwhelm at bay as a team.

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