it's okay to need a little help figuring it all out

you shouldn't have to do it all alone

Whether you’re a mom of four, a mom-to-be, not a parent at all, or wishing to become one, I am here to support you through whatever it is that life has thrown your way. I'll guide you to develop the skills you need to tame anxiety and stress.

If you are feeling like you're just stuck, I'll help you find your way forward. Whether for you that looks like struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, or looks more like chronic pain, grief, addiction or even trauma, I can help. If you're having the same old fight with someone in your life, (even if that person is you!) psychotherapy treatment can help.

let me help you find the support you need

You might be feeling anxious, like you don’t know what’s coming around the bend or how you’ll handle it. You might be up against perfectionism or imposter syndrome, or you might be feeling sad and need someone to talk it all through with. Whatever it is that’s brought you here, I’ll help you find healing and relief.

for real though: if you’re here, you might be feeling overwhelmed, like you just can’t juggle it all