they say it takes a village; I'm excited to be part of yours

parents need
support, too

I am passionate about teaching families to understand their emotions so they can put their feelings into words and get their needs met (without screaming). A lot of the time this starts with parents! Parenting comes with its own set of challenges. No matter which of them you're navigating right now, I'll help set you up with a road map to find your way.

help with your child

help with coparenting

Behavior Management
Building Effective Communication
Setting Boundaries and Discipline
Support in Transitions
Managing Screen Time

Managing the Tough Conversations
Parenting on the Same Page
Building Trust and Respect
Talking to your Children about
Separation or Divorce

help for yourself

Anxiety & Depression Support
Stress Management & Coping Tools
Healing Trauma
Realistic Mindfulness Skills
Lots & Lots of Understanding

example issues we can help treat

forms of support for parents

It's okay to need support yourself! I offer individual psychotherapy to parents, so that you can talk through whatever you're experiencing and find the best solution for you. Just think of me like your newest family friend, with alllll the best tips and tricks (read: psycotherapeutic modalities)... not to mention the best space to vent.

You give a lot of energy and support to your child

Together, we'll identify strengths, set goals, and develop simple strategies to reach them. Coaching focuses on building strong relationships and practical parenting techniques. I'll help you understand your children better, tame the tantrums (theirs and yours), and improve overall family dynamics. You'll walk away with tried and true coping tools to create a stronger relationship between you, your co-parent, and your child or children!

parent coaching goes beyond therapy

more effective parenting


As your parent coach, I provide support, guidance, and resources to help you make changes that will benefit your family. Parent coaching can be tailored to any family's needs, and helps with coping tools, communication, and behavior management. I will help you identify and address underlying issues contributing to your parenting struggles, and can connect you to my network of referrals to find any additional support and assistance you might need.

find more peace at home

Parent Coaching can help develop the understanding and respect between parents and children, and improve both emotional intelligence and emotional regulation among all family members. Parent Coaching can help improve your family dynamics, and help you to approach parenting with confidence.

Parent Coaching can help you with building strong relationships with your children, and help you to understand their needs. It can help you establish effective discipline strategies, improve communication, identify and address any underlying issues, and develop problem-solving skills, bringing calm to your home environment. Parent Coaching will help you to set achievable goals and develop effective strategies to reach them, with an understanding of the impact of those strategies.

common things i hear in my office...

a. "my kid screams every time they are asked to put the screens away"
b. "my child worries about everything... do you think they have anxiety?"
c. "my kid has a meltdown any time they are asked to do something"
d.  all of the above