Snooze Smart: Parent Coaching Strategies for Quality Family Sleep

Jan 3, 2024

One thing I’ve been coaching parents through a lot lately is sleep–or the lack thereof! Parenting is hard enough as it is, you shouldn’t have to do it sleep-deprived when your child has a hard time staying asleep! Let’s unravel some savvy strategies to make those Zzzs count!

Craft a Dream-Inducing Environment

Transform your child’s sleep space into a dream-inducing sanctuary. Dim the lights, choose calming colors, and make sure the room is comfortably cool. When it comes to encouraging your child to sleep, creating a bedtime retreat can make a big difference. Believe it or not, this is important no matter how old your child gets–all the way into adulthood! Want to take it one step further? Have your child help you in the lights-out routine. 

Establish Consistent Bedtime Rituals

Rituals are key to quality sleep. Create consistent bedtime rituals that signal to your child’s brain that it’s time to wind down. Whether it’s reading a bedtime story, sharing highlights of the day, or a gentle pre-sleep stretch, these rituals become the foundation for a restful night.

Tech-Free Twilight Zone

Declare the bedroom a tech-free twilight zone. Screens are like sleep thieves, stealing precious bedtime moments. Encourage calming activities, like reading or gentle music, instead. You want to do your best to ensure your child’s bedroom is a haven for uninterrupted sleep.

The Power of Positive Talk

A positive mindset contributes to a serene slumber! Incorporate positive talk about sleep into your family’s bedtime routine. This will help your child feel a little bit better about bedtime, get excited to feel refreshed and recharged in the morning after a great night’s sleep. Another sneaky way to do this is to share dreams and aspirations for the next day. It’s like planting seeds of positivity that bloom during sleep!

Bedtime Connection Check-In

Establish a bedtime connection check-in. This is a special moment where you connect with each child individually before lights out. This special bonding moment will help ensure that your child heads into dreamland with a heart full of warmth.

Mastering the Art of Sleep Flexibility

Recognize that sleep needs change as children grow. Be flexible in your approach, adjusting bedtime routines to meet the evolving needs of your family. There’s nothing worse than losing sleep to that never-ending worry about not getting enough sleep–we’ve all been there! Mastering the art of sleep flexibility helps to ensure everyone gets the sleep they need.

Quality sleep is a key component to a well-rested and happy family, and it starts with setting the stage and your connection with your child. If you find yourself struggling with sleep, you definitely aren’t alone–this is something I work with parents on all the time! Sometimes, all it takes is some guidance from the pros to find a solution that works for you and your family.
Many parents feel confused about how to set this up for their children. I can help you to find a bedtime routine that works for your family. Reach out to get support with sleep here.