Podcast with THERAPY REIMAGINED If you are a psychotherapist looking for ways to bring meditation and mindfulness practices into your therapy practice this is the podcast for you. Curt and Katie, owners of the cool Modern Therapist Survival Guide Podcast and the inventors of The Therapy Reimagined Conference talk with me about mindfulness and meditation – […]

Video with EVENFLOW Learn how to understand and diffuse anxious thoughts and feelings and work with them in new ways in my series on Anxiety on the Evenflow app. Evenflow is a mindfulness & meditation company that helps you take your practice into daily life.  We offer you daily support with our unique meditation app, custom programs […]

Podcast with MERIDIAN COUNSELING: THE GUIDING COMPASS Sandra Kushner, a colleague and owner of The Guiding Compass Podcast, had me on her podcast talking about practical ways to in cooperate the practice into your day-to-day life and the importance of creating a routine around your daily practice.

Podcast with IGNTD Mindful Mama and owner of the super foods company, Philosophie, Sophie Jaffe and her addiction specialist husband and author Adi Jaffee had me on their super honest and raw podcast IGNDT talking about meditation and mindfulness practices for the family. We get real about making meditation and mindfulness work in the family […]

Wisdom 2.0 Conference I was a speaker at Mindfulness & Technology conference, Wisdom 2.0.  There are many psychological theories and meditation practices that promise to reduce stress and bring peace, calm, and even happiness, so why are so many people still unhappy and unable to apply these practices to their daily life? My years of meditative practice and work […]

GOOD MORNING LALA LAND Good morning La La Land, America’s first streaming video talk show network, had me on the show in their inaugural year. Dr. Erin, Rob Mack and Jezlan are “all about the mindset of the dreamers” and learning to love one’s self. They interviewed me about my journey to becoming a psychotherapist and meditation and mindfulness expert. […]

TED WOMEN 2018 LEADERSHIP INTENSIVE Ashley Graber & Shira Myrow offered an in-depth look at the profound  physiological and psychological effects of chronic stress.  While most of us know we’re addicted to our i-phones and social media, we don’t realize how being plugged in all the time can undermine our focus and effectiveness. Understanding how […]

Awakenings in Real Life In this episode, Ashley shares her story of transformation as she made the leap from a career in real estate in New York City, to getting sober and becoming a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher in Los Angeles, California.  She walks us through her own journey of trauma healing, including her personal […]